Tuesday, August 29, 2006

America's Poor

Released today statistics by the US Census Bureau that show that not much has changed at all for the poverty- stricken in America .

One in eight Americans and almost one in four blacks lived in poverty last year, the U.S. Census Bureau said on Tuesday, releasing a figure virtually unchanged from 2004.

15.9 percent of the population, or 46.6 million, had no health insurance, up from 15.6 percent in 2004 and the fifth increase in a row.

37 million Americans lived below the poverty line, defined as having an annual income below around $10,000 (5,300 pounds) for an individual or $20,000 (10,600 pounds) for a family of four.

25% of blacks and 21.8 percent of Hispanics were living in poverty.
Among whites, the rate edged down to 8.3 percent from 8.7 percent in 2004.

Black median income, at $30,858 (16,300 pounds), was only 61 percent of the median for whites

17.6 percent of children under 18 and 20% of those under 6 were in poverty, higher than for any other age group.

Real median household income rose by 1.1 percent between to $46,326 (24,500 pounds) from $45,817 (24,200 pounds) -- its first increase since 1999.

The figures contained wide regional variations, ranging from a median household income of $61,672 (32,600 pounds) in New Jersey to $32,938 (17,400 pounds) for Mississippi.

Major cities with the highest proportions of poor people included Cleveland with 32.4 percent and Detroit with 31.4 percent under the poverty line.

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Anonymous said...

America's economic honeymoon,which was in part spured by two world wars,activism on behalf of the left,as well as an abundance of natural resources,is now coming to an end.The manufacturing of weopons of war is now either done overseas by laborers who recieve slave wages,or by machine.The natural resources are still abundant but again more technology than manpower is needed to retrieve those resources,besides those resources are transformed into marketable goods overseas.The labor unions, thanks to legislation favoring the capitalist class,and outsourcing are no longer as active nor as powerfull.In short the corporations are preparing for Americans the very same economic conditions found in third world nations.Unless our government via the demands of the people passes legislation bringing our economy under the control of the people,Americans will soon find themselves living and working,''if employed at all''like the good people of Eastern Europe ,where the average worker makes less than five dollars an hour,there is no sick leave nor overtime pay and in some cases workers can be fired for mere talking at work.Okay,actualy I believe that occours in some nations in central America and southeast Asia,but my point is the same.Americans for to long have had faith in an economic system which they believed was based upon market fluctuations and not human intervention.A nations economy is basicaly a national budget and only the biggest fool would leave balance of their budget up to chance ! In truth,all along our economy has been controled by a wealthy elite who has taken every measure available to make sure our economy has functionend for their benifit not ours.Americans are running out of time to change this.