Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The SSP - Sheridan's Solidarity Party

So Sheridans new party will be called Solidarity . Now Solidarity Federation , the anarcho-syndicalist organisation will face the problems of identity theft , although they no doubt will increasingly call themselves SolFed to distinguish themselves . ( at least , it won't be an electoral feud between the two groups )

I wish Tommy Sheridan all success in splitting and splintering the Scottish Socialist Party , and hopefully the SSP will now quickly become defunct and once more we can again be the only Socialist Party on the ballot papers in Scotland , as it should be .
( Arggg, forgot about Scargill's Socialist Labour Party but i don't really think they will be able to stop the SPGB from being the THE Socialist Party at the elections )

As for Sheridan , the debate he has called for has not even extended to the name of the party by even providing options for the potential members to choose from when the inaugural meeting is held . He has decided upon it already , and , of course , also decided who the leader will be . And guess who that will be ?
If for over 2 or 3 years as he claims the SSP EC has not been reflective of the membership , he has to question how they were supposedly democratically elected to their seats on the EC . Which means he has to question the way his new party will be democratically organised .
I think we all know that won't be happening . Like party policy , the party structure will remain unchanged. How will Tommy avoid the Socialist Workers Platform and the Committee for a Workers International faction from contesting control ?

It ain't all over yet , is it ?

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