Monday, September 04, 2006

An Anti-Fascist Message

Piers - Anti BNP Meeting

A short video of a contribution by SPGB Comrade Piers of Border Fever , made at an anti-BNP meeting which had been called to oppose the formation of British National Party branch near to his home-town .

The usual No Platform for Nazis and Smash the Fash sloganeering is happily absent , Piers preferring to present rational counter - arguments rather than offer fists and boots , which only has the effect of allowing the BNP to present themselves as victims and to reinforce their authoritarian mentality .

The Socialist Party since the British Union of Fascist days of the 30s has engaged in debate with its opponents from the Right, rather than practice the anti-democratic tactic of political violence .


wanker said...
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ThomasFrain said...

That was a good meeting, I have corrected the spelling misstake in you're video, sorry about that.