Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daily Record Scare-Mongering on Immigration

Yet again the campaign of vilification against workers from Eastern Europe hits the press with more scare stories .
The paper that Tommy Sheridan , now of Solidarity , happily sold his story to , was in the forefront with its hyperbolic headline of immigrants swamping the resources of the NHS in Scotland .
The original story stemmed from the BMA negotiations with the Scottish Executive over the allocation of doctors budgets and a request for more funding due to the influx of new workers into the country registering with doctor surgeries .

But in the Evening Telegraph a more realistic appraisal is made of the so-called problem ....

" Dr Andrew Cowie, secretary of the Tayside Local Medical Committee, said the new workers, far from flooding medical practices, added only two or three extra appointments each week to a doctor’s workload.

His own Hawkhill Medical Centre had taken on just over 20 eastern Europeans out of 104 new patients over the last 6 to 8 weeks, but this represented less than a fifth of one percent of his practice’s 11,000 patients. He added, “...most of the EU immigrants are young and fit and are not that much extra trouble..."

“...The two or three extra appointments each GP might have each week is a pain but it won’t cripple the system and it is not the case that it is breaking down. "

And there you have it . So much for the swamping of the health service from a flood of immigrants .

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