Friday, September 29, 2006

Wimps of the World Unite

Pheww...what i always knew . Those big muscle-bound hulks can't compete with us more delicate individuals when it comes to brain-power. Too much testosterone can kill brain cells .


Darren said...

Are you going to tell this bloke that?

ajohnstone said...

Ummm...i'll leave it up to you , Darren to pass the info on .
While you at it , why not test Kara's fingers to check out how if she got the pace of a future Celtic winger's mum .

Anonymous said...

This surely has implications for all those people treated with steroids as well.It might explain the Altzheimer spikes in say more advanced but tech -med countries.So women have been treated with steroids and their physiology is different as far as tolerance of the stuff goes.It isn't just the beefcake guys,I know a number of former athletes who end up in wheelchairs with degenerative symptons.An important discovery I think,not meaning to be a party pooper.

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