Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Middle East History Lesson -The Modernity of the Nation State


Anonymous said...

Nice one Alan, just one war after another, and no end in sight.

ProleCat said...

It is very interesting.Fascinating I thought.I should like to see a few figures regarding time scales and so on.Some were 'relatively' short lived and others not.Just to think of the interesting stuff which was obliterated during the recent bombing of Iraq and the looting of it for example much have set back research considerably.It gives a sense of how short time scale capitalism has been in existence.But how destructive in this short time.
I caught a short piece of the end of a programme about Rumanians.Vis a vis Hungarian /Rumanian differences, tonight on the box.Rumanians feeling excluded from the rest of Europe and stressing, sometimes exagerating, their old Roman history.