Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tommy so..L..I..d..A..R..ity Sheridan

Tommy 'Liar' Sheridan

I wasn't going to comment on the latest Sheridan revelation . Who am i to say whether he is being set up by the forces of repression or not . I do know from the history that such things do take place . From Roger Casement supposed forged sex diaries and the Zinoviev letter to more recent examples of the Scargill smears by MI5 over alleged misappropriation of the miners funds and the George Galloway's fake documents about connections with Saddam Hussein . But nor would i be at all surprised if the accusations again Sheridan were all true when i recall Jonathan Aiken's Sword of Truth or Jeffrey Archer or Labour Party's Ron Davies .
However , it was fellow comrade and blogger Darren that decided for me to post something when he blogged this video of Sheridan which brought me to the Tommy "Liar" Sheridan video , which was too good not to add to this blog .

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