Saturday, November 25, 2006

Music To Rebel By

David Rovics is a political troupadour who makes no copyright claims to his music and encourages free downloads which can be found here to further the spread of his political ideas and offer musical solidarity to various struggles . A vast archive of 196 songs .

My two particular favourites happen to be his light-hearted but pointed criticisms of differing but very familiar political activists .

The Party vanguardist

The life-style anarchist

And for those who find YouTube videos appealing , why not watch and listen to his Saint Patrick's Battalion , a 19th Century Irish "International Brigade" who fought for Mexican liberty .

Or to his song commemorating those exploited females in the cotton mills in 19th Century America .

And , of course , Henry Ford Was A Fascist and so he was , as well as , a virulent anti-semite

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