Thursday, November 30, 2006

One World , One People

Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre in Middlesex -

It was not meeting any of the major tests and more than 60% of detainees said they felt unsafe

44% of detainees claiming they had been victimised by staff, compared with a national average of 28% .

Detainees described custody officers as aggressive, intimidating and unhelpful.

The report also criticised the management's over-emphasis on physical security and their strict control of all movements. These measures went as far as banning detainees from keeping nail clippers.

Staff were unaware of a special plan to prevent suicides. An "action plan" designed to minimise suicide attempts, drawn up after an earlier incident, had not been shared with the centre's suicide prevention team. "It was purely a bureaucratic exercise which had had no impact" concluded the inspectors.

"This is undoubtedly the poorest report we have issued on an immigration removal centre. "

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abolish suicides. lets have equality for workers.