Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's my party ...and i'll cry if i want to

If we didn't already know that Solidarity was indeed Tommy Sheridan's personal fiefdom , we have this report in the Herald .

"The party had decided that Tommy the brand was key to success in May. Its best known figure will feature on every ballot paper for the regional vote across the country...Solidarity believes it is crucial to use Mr Sheridan's name on the ballot papers. "

And as the article reminds us , this was indeed the same electoral tactic that the Scottish Socialist Party previously used when Sheridan was its leader so they need not criticise .

What we , the working class , require to learn is that it is not the personalities but the principles and policies of a political party that truly count .

It is the case , not the face .

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Darren said...

"It is the case , not the face ."

And it's certainly not his hairy arse.