Saturday, February 24, 2007

Powers of the Mind

Just to emphasise that it is thinking that is the real power of the mind and not some sort of extra sensory perception psychic power the BBC reports a Ministry of Defence experiment that failed to show any foundation for "remote viewing".

Defence experts attempted to recruit 12 "known" psychics who had advertised their abilities on the internet ( I wonder why) and instead invited novice volunteers to participate in tests that involved blind-folding volunteers and asking them about the contents of sealed brown envelopes . Most subjects consistently failed to establish what was in the envelopes.

The study concluded there was "little value" in using "remote viewing" in the defence of the nation.

"The remote viewing study was conducted to assess claims made in some academic circles and to validate research carried out by other nations on psychic ability," said a spokeswoman. She added: "The study concluded that remote viewing theories had little value to the MoD and was taken no further."

One more for James Randi .

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