Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Job is F**ked

I earlier posted a couple of personal reports here and then here on my job . Well , management somehow don't consider eliminating all the locally officially recognised perks and privileges , or even cancelling personal individual arrangements such as working a break to get away early for child-care reasons or simply to catch a bus , as victimisation or discrimination for the audacity of going out on strike . So staff morale is at a low . All good-will and co-operation dissipating and disappearing . But , hey-ho , Royal Mail management will eventually learn the hard way that flexibility is required if targets are to be consistently achieved .

Meanwhile press reports have cropped up suggesting perhaps the underlying reason for a crack-down on postal workers .

Royal Mail has said that the changes over the next four to five years will need efficiencies — or job losses — of 30 % of its full-time workforce in the letters division, that means 48,000 job losses , and t is in addition to the 30,000 reduction of employees thats been ongoing for the past several years .

Also planned will be the closure of 4 Mail-Centres . The union suspects more .

And does Royal Mail have any faith in their plans for the future succeeding ?

Not if you consider the actions of Ian Griffiths, the managing director of Royal Mail Letters and No 3 in the group hierarchy, who walked out of his job believing that that the intended cost cuts would be too severe and unachievable . He had been a Post Office boss for only a year on a salary of £500000 .

Others to desert the sinking ship have been in January, David Flowers, the head of property, l Marisa Cassoni, the finance director, left last year , as did David Mills, the head of the Post Office division.

No doubt all will have pockets full of golden handshake if the previous head of the letters division Elmar Toime , is to go by who departed with a £750,000 pay-off , after just only 18 months in the job .

The new head of industrial relations for the letters business, Gillian Alford , is heading for a tough time and better have brought her media savvy experience from her former employers , the BBC , because she'll be needing it .

Nor is it very good news over at Royal Mails rivals , TNT Post who have announced that it will cut up to 7,000 and possibly 11000 jobs across in Europe over the next three years and are set to freeze the wages of around 60,000 of its employees.

"..we do want to get hourly pay more in line with the overall market, and we think that costs for mailmen are 20 to 25 percent above the overall market.” said Harry Koorstra, TNT board member responsible for the mail business

TNT said it would also seek to change other employment terms, such as making employees pay pension contributions, which currently was not the case. - And that will actually make it a pay-cut , not a wage freeze .


Anonymous said...

Blimey don't you moan a lot LOL :)only kiddin.
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prolerat said...

Hi Alan,
Thanks for keeping us retired aul' fellow workers "posted" on this.I miss my union work but I see nothing much has changed in industrial relations and will not do so until workers overthrow the capitalist class and establish a free access society.