Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bay City Politics

The bete noir of us Scottish dead-heads in my younger days was the teeny -pop , Bay City Rollers .

Lo and behold , one has risen fro the ashes and appearing at Glastonbury as a politicalised protest singer .
Eric Faulkner will appear on Glastonbury's Left Field stage tomorrow in support of Tony Benn.

"Even when I was in the Bay City Rollers I used to talk about issues," he says. "But it didn't fit the agenda. The record company and management just wanted the boy-next-door thing. Now I do stuff by Pete Seeger, Ewan McColl and my own songs. It's not a soap box but I want to challenge the apathy in music and help bring back the protest song."

His father was a senior official with the Boiler Makers' Union, forerunner of the GMB.
Oh , well , i really shouldn't be a musical fascist and put him down . He is trying -very trying .

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Darren said...

Can a Grateful Dead fan diss a Bay City Roller?

I need to think about that one.