Thursday, June 21, 2007

Out !!

The first national postal strike in 11 years will take place on Friday 29th June. It is a 24hour strike (3am -3am ? ) and will involve all workers in Royal Mail and Post Office Limited which includes people who work on counters and cash services .

Also agreed is further strike action within in two weeks from the 29th June that is designed to maximise the impact on Royal Mail but at minimum cost to the CWU members.

I'm hoping that the planners of the strike have learned from the chaotic experience from the Way Forward mid-90s when the selection and times of the one day actions led to bizarre situations of local union officials being at work while others were out on strike and on the picket line , of union activists being spat upon by the public for being scabs because their shift were not called out in co-ordination with the rest .

Also union members in Romec and Quadrant must be pressed to not cross picket lines , as they were instructed to do so in our last wave of official action .

Management were able to do large business collections , process through the machines and have yorkies ready for despatch when we returned to resume work .

Machines faults had been repaired by Romec and those strike breaking CMA staff - i remember 60-odd being brought up from Chesterfield to Edinburgh to scab- being fed and watered by Quadrant .

Lets make life hard for them this time . Lets make sure the strike bites .

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