Monday, June 04, 2007

Parasites Pay-day

According to a report in the Times Royal Mail has awarded its chief executive hundreds of thousands of pounds in bonuses which will be revealed in Royal Mail’s accounts and financial results for the past financial year but in an attempt to minimise publicity during the present dispute publication has been delayed and Royal Mail has not set a date for them to appear.

Adam Crozier is understood to have received a bonus of up to £370,000 and further benefits, taking his total package to more than £1 million which makes him the highest-paid civil servant in the country.Mr Crozier is entitled to a bonus of 60 per cent of his salary, which last year was £615,000, if targets are met, and 100 per cent if they are exceeded substantially.

Allan Leighton, the postal group’s chairman, is also expected to have received a bonus of more than £100,000.

Royal Mail is also expected to reveal a substantial pay-off to the former head of its letters division who left after just over a year with the business. Ian Griffiths, who earned £500,000, left at the end of March.

Scum always rises to the top .

Also reminds me that Post office bosses is like smoking pot - the more you suck ,the higher you get .

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