Saturday, June 30, 2007

Postal Solidarity - Being Part of the Union

Royal Mail management have endeavoured to counter the success of the psotal strike with claims that nationally 60% worked . I can only talk about Edinburgh area , and can confirm that it was overwhelmingly supported by well over 90% of postyal workers , at the Mail-Centre , at the town delivery offices and most of the outlying and rural areas .

From what i have been hearing and reading about the 40% who Royal Mail bosses claim to have crossed the picket lines they are a mere phantasm of Crozier's and Leighton's enfeebled imaginations . Just another blatant lie they have issued to hood-wink the public .

To be honest , i was expecting much more scabbing at the Mail-Centre than the handful that actually did ,due to the fact that it employs a high percentage of part-time Associate Grades who consider the job as a temporary stop-gap to help out with university fees and they therefore have no long-term commitment to the industry . Yet they too went out in support of the pay claim .

But no resting on our laurels . Keep the momentum going . The struggle has only begun .

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