Monday, June 25, 2007

We are all criminals

Nearly two-thirds of Britons regularly break the law if they think they can get away with it, research shows.

It found : "The 'law-abiding majority' which politicians like to address, is a chimera. The law-abiding majority not only do not abide by the law, they also do not believe in the value of laws and rules, shrugging them off in pursuit of their interests and desires. They even regard law-abidingness as a disadvantage."

Professor Karstedt, said: "Contempt for the law is as widespread in the centre of society as it is assumed to be rampant at the margins and amongst specific marginal groups. Anti-social behaviour by the few is mirrored by anti-civil behaviour by the many.

Dr Stephen Farrall said : "What we find in our research is a strong tendency amongst consumers to "hit back" when they feel treated unfairly by big and small business, even by illegal means."

Socialists claim that people are neither inherently good , nor inherently bad , but will behave according to the norms of the prevailing society .

And as one of the researchers says: "The values and the behaviour of those at the centre of society are indicative of the moral state of our society"

Socialists would assert that people recognise that present society condones legalised theft and that the capitalist class maintain a privileged lifestyle whilst the rest of us endure varying degrees of poverty, both relative and absolute . The way in which wealth is produced and distributed will determine the ideas of the people; in other words, material conditions dominate and form the basis of all the legal, ethical, moral and religious superstructure of society.

"...buying and selling is the great cheat that robs and steals the earth from one another. It is that which makes some lords, others beggars, some rulers, others to be ruled; and makes great murderers and thieves to be imprisoners and hangers of little ones, or of sincere hearted men" said Gerrard Winstanley in 1649 - "A Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People of England"

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Anonymous said...

if we break laws, we become criminals. lets abolish criminal activity.