Friday, July 13, 2007

Make of it as you want

Foreign investors own 40% of all UK shares , a third held by North American investors.

UK individuals holding shares 13%

Banks own 3%, of UK shares

Insurance companies own 15% of shares

Pension funds have 13%

"Other financial institutions" such as brokers investing on their own account, hedge funds, venture capitalists and private equity, unauthorised investment trusts and unit trusts own 10% of UK shares

FTSE 100 companies continue to dominate the stock market: the proportion of funds invested in these businesses is 58% for individuals and 83% for overseas investors. Overall 76% of equity investment is in FTSE 100 companies.

And in hard cash terms :-

Total equity owned (£ billion) on December 31 2006 :-
Rest of the world: 742.4
Insurance companies: 272.8
Pension funds: 235.8
Individuals: 238.5
Unit trusts: 30.0
Investment trusts: 45.1
Other financial institutions: 179.1
Charities: 16.1
Private non-financial companies: 33.5
Public sector: 2.0
Banks: 63.0
Total: 1858.2 billion

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