Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another of Mikes Marxtoons

One night Marx set off with Edgar Bauer and Wilhelm Liebknecht for a drunken jaunt up the Totenham Court Rd. , intending to have a drink in every pub between Oxford St and HampsteadRd. , no fewer than 18 pubs . Liebknecht takes up the story .
"Now we had enough of our beer trip for the time being and in order to cool our heated blood , we started on a double -quick march , until Edgar Bauer stumbled upon a heap of paving stones . "Hurrah , an idea !" And in memory of mad student pranks he picked up a stone and CLASH ! CLATTER! a gas lantern went flying into splinters. Nonsense is contagious - Marx and I did not stay behind , and we broke four or five street lamps ...But the noise nevertheless attracted the attention of a policeman ..."
And all three scampered for it . Karl Marx the lager lout !!

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prolerat said...

This is conduct likely to bring the Party into disrepute.he should be on a charge for this .while we igmore his spurious reasoning.MC