Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Another example of art fascists .

" Graffiti art by the acclaimed artist Banksy on streets in Tower Hamlets is to be painted over...Tower Hamlets is the first council to treat them as vandalism. "

"Whilst some graffiti is considered to be art, we know the many of our residents think that the graffiti in areas where they live, such as local housing estates, is an eyesore...We need to be clear here, graffiti is a crime.It spoils the environment, makes our neighbourhoods feel less safe, and costs thousands of pounds each year to clean - money that could instead be paying for valuable local services."

Tower Hamlets Council said it had not thought of selling the potentially valuable artwork to help raise money for council services .

Eleven of Banksy's stencilled artworks go on sale on Wednesday at Bonham's auction house in Knightsbridge. The actress Angelina Jolie reportedly bought one of his works for more than £200,000. A piece, commissioned by rock band Blur for their 2003 album Think Tank, recently sold in London for £300,000 .

A Banksy piece painted on a wall in Bristol recently went to public vote, with 97% of people saying it should be kept.

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