Thursday, December 20, 2007

A High-Class Ho ?

A woman who has amassed £18 million after three divorces is pursuing her fourth husband for a slice of his declared £45 million fortune.Susan Crossley, once married to racing magnate Robert Sangster, is claiming that a pre-nuptial agreement she signed with property developer Stuart Crossley is invalid because he failed to tell her about "tens of millions" more he had in offshore accounts.

Marital History

Husband 1: Was aged 18 when she married first husband, Kevin Nicholson, whose family founded the Kwik Save supermarket chain. The marriage lasted 18 months.

Husband 2: When aged 22 she married second husband Peter Lilley, an Isle of Man tax exile and heir to the Lilley and Skinner shoe fortune.

Husband 3: At 28, she was pursued by legendary Manx tax exile, Robert Sangster. She married him in 1985. The marriage ended in divorce and a £15 million settlement

Husband 4: She met multimillionaire Stuart Crossley on a blind date in June 2005. The couple were engaged within weeks and wed seven months later. The marriage lasted 18 months.

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