Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Little Boxes

Call centre and other outsourced businesses such as software writing, medical transcription and back-office work employ more than 1.6 million young men and women in India .

They are, however, facing sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and family discord, according to doctors and several industry surveys. The IHT writes that the outsourcing industry has come under fire because the sedentary lifestyle of its employees combined with often stressful working conditions makes them more vulnerable to heart disease, digestive problems and weight gain than others. Some complain of psychological distress. A recent survey showed sleep disorders topped health complaints among outsourcing industry workers. About 32 percent of respondents complained of sleep disorders; 25 percent had digestive troubles; and 20 percent reported eyesight problems, said the survey. Sleep and digestive disorders, doctors say, can grow into bigger problems: hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

One out of 10 persons aged 35 years or more in India is prone to heart attack.Heart disease is projected to account for 35 percent of deaths among India's working age population between 2000 and 2030 according to a World Health Organization study. That number is about 12 percent for the United States, 22 percent for China and 25 percent for Russia.

Most call center jobs involve responding to phone calls through the night from customers in the United States and Europe -- some of whom can be angry and rude. It is monotonous and there is little meaningful personal interaction among co-workers. That can also be true of other jobs such as software writing and back-office work. Long, odd working hours means couples don't have much time together.

Loneliness can also take a toll."There is no social life," said Vats, who worked at night and either slept or watched television during the day. "You are not meeting new people"

The outsourcing boom has created new employment opportunities for Indian women, but there has been little change in social expectations. Adding workplace demands to responsibilities at home, which often includes taking care of in-laws, leaves women workers with multiple stresses

According to this article Indian outsourcers are suffering from high staff turnover rates because many workers see it as a “dead end job”, according to a new report . The study puts the current staff attrition rate in Indian call centres as high as 40%. This turnover has previously been blamed on long, unsocial hours associated with servicing overseas customers in different time zones and higher salary offers from rival firms. But the survey of agents found more than 50% said they considered call centres a dead end job.
The staff attributed their exits to a lack of growth opportunities, expectation mismatches and dissatisfaction with company policies. Night shifts, monotony of work and better salary offers elsewhere were given as reasons for moving on by only 39% of respondents.

Here , we read , that in the past five years, more than 100,000 young Indian graduates have made the move to Bangalore, or the suburban New Delhi city of Gurgaon, to answer calls from credit card holders, make sales pitches or maintain records. The jobs are eagerly sought with pay from 500 to 1,000 dollars a month, compared to per capita annual income in India of around 600 dollars. But late hours far from home led to high staff turnover and companies found that a good salary was not enough to attract employees who were increasingly eager to return to small-town India.

"I was hating every minute of my call centre job in New Delhi," says Sanjeev Rana "I barely got four hours sleep between shifts and meals were at dingy roadside restaurants..." he adds.


thelunaticisinmyhead said...

oh gimme a break u jerk offs!!! 1.6 mil in a country of over 1 bil. do the math. do they care....i u really care either!! this wont go away. so deal with it. the west is going the taliban route. the taliban will eventually run out of the black gold. so where does that leave the rest of us? someone's gotta step up and do the dirty job. its not like the callcenter people in India are doing some quantum machanics. THEY ARE ANSWERING PHONES!!!! lets see you brats in the west ANSWER PHNOES. its just an answering service! makes them .1 dollar an hour. Thats all!!! Duh....the whole outsourcing industry doesn't account for what the USA spends in Iraq in an year (i am vague on that but i bet the numbers are lower). how about u western morons start producing more engineers. how about making science more cool versus paris hilton or britney spears ro whatever. how about takng USA back to where it was right after WWII, when every kid wanted to be an astranaut. where being a Fermi, or Goddard, or Einstein was cool!!!!! ------ so freaks its time you got your shit together!!!!!

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thelunaticisinmyhead said:
so freaks its time you got your shit together!!!!!

It looks like you got your shit together and sprayed it all over this blog.