Monday, January 14, 2008

Planned Coup D'Etat

Britain and its Nato allies considered organising a coup in Italy in 1976 to prevent the Communist Party from coming to power, Foreign Office papers reveal. The documents, made public after 30 years, were unearthed by an Italian researcher in the government archives .
In an election scheduled for 20 June 1976, there was a strong chance the Partito Comunista Italiana (PCI) would beat the Christian Democrats into second place and lead a coalition.
A secret Foreign Office memo dated 6 May 1976, entitled Italy And The Communists: Options For The West, floated one possible course of action as "action in support of a coup d'etat or other subversive action". The authors admitted: "By its nature, a coup d'etat could lead to unpredictable developments." But they added that, in theory at least, "it could be promoted. In one way or another, the force of the right could be counted on, with the support of the police and the army". The idea of a coup to remove the PCI or stop it coming to power "could be considered attractive" .

This , after the consequences of the Chilean Coup against Allende in 1973 and all the subsequent murders .

And they describe themselves as defenders of democracy !!

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Daniel Owen said...

Well, a coup was planned by reactionary military-bourgeois elements in America during FDR and by the military and intelligence community in Britain during the 1970s (for which purpose the UNISON paramilitary unit had been set up, one can surmise).