Thursday, April 24, 2008

1+1=2 , 1+1+1=1 God

Families who don't believe in God are being failed by Scotland's education system, it was claimed

Bob McKay, education officer with the Humanist Society of Scotland said :

"In Scotland, all parents have the right to raise their children in the religion of their choice, and send them to school in the expectation that their faith will be respected - which is as it should be.But no provision of any kind is made for the one in three Scots who have no religious belief. At present, all they can do is ask that their children be withdrawn or excluded from religious activities, which is quite simply inadequate and unfair."

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Tim Maguire, Humanist Celebrant said...

You might want to go to the launch, Alan: it's at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh at 2pm on Saturday April 26th; I hope you enjoy it!