Friday, December 12, 2008

Capitalism - A fetter on progress

We have all heard it. ..without capitalism and entrepeneurs there will be no innovation .

Well , here is a report we should note

The 40 years since the "dawn of interactive computing" represent a lost opportunity which has been hijacked by commercialism. The claim was made at an event to celebrate the anniversary of the world debut of personal and interactive computing which took place in San Francisco on Dec 9 1968.

"It wasn't how are we going to sell this technology. It was about let's make the most useful thing we can possibly make," said Jeff Rulifson of the philosophy that drove the team.He told the BBC "I think what happened is technology moved so fast into commercialisation that by the 1970's, innovation just stopped. I shouldn't say that but the innovation that went on on the computer was about how fast can I produce beautiful documents and that wasn't the idea. The vision was subverted by commercialism."

Mr van Dam threw down the gauntlet to the business leaders of the hi-tech industry.
"I look forward to the reintegration of these various components so we can go back to the future and have this totality of a broad vision at our fingertips. I don't see how we 're going to get there frankly because commercial organisations are not built that way."

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