Sunday, December 05, 2010

tea party

Exxon, Goldman Sachs don't care a whit about abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigrants, Muslims or the plight of struggling people. But demonizing "big government," "freeloaders" and "those others" was the cocktail for getting elected their bought-and-paid-for politicians.The single goal of plutocrats is a tribal privatization, a system of unfettered profiteering no matter the human cost. They want free sailing in their lavish worlds of wealth and power and they have no intention of sharing any of it. The savagery of the corporate state is again upon us. The best think tanks money can buy were hired to devise campaign schemes to dupe the American people into voting against their own interests and selling our democracy to the plutocrats.Political power goes where the money is. Robber barons are again making the rules. The indignant politicians mouthing populist rhetoric about "looking out for ordinary Americans" are the same Wall Street lackeys whose pledges to "lower the deficit" will be at the expense of ordinary people, targeting Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage, unemployment benefits, public employee pensions. They want free sailing in their lavish worlds of wealth and power.

adapted from Eva Knapp, a member of Seneca 2, a Charleston-based reform group.


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