Monday, July 25, 2011

just a matter of luck

"Capitalism is an extremely unfair and unjust economic system. It is unfair and unjust because, in order to do well in a capitalist system, a person must have a good mind, health, energy and enough emotional maturity and interpersonal skill to perform effectively in the workplace. And, in order to have those qualities, a person has to have had good parents, parents who have provided him or her with the nurturance, support, guidance, affirmation and discipline that people need in order to grow into healthy adults. If you had that kind of parents, you are lucky and you will be able to do well in our capitalist system.

If your parents abused or neglected you, if they discounted you, ignored you, if they were too busy, sick, self-absorbed, dysfunctional, overwhelmed, etc., to provide you with a good upbringing, you will not do well in our capitalist economy. You will not have the brainpower, health or emotional maturity to be able to do well. And whether or not you had good parents is a matter of luck. You didn't have anything to do with it. You are either the beneficiary or victim of something you had no control over."

Al Galves retired psychologist at

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