Thursday, May 31, 2012

LHO Killed JFK

Supporting an earlier blog here on the motives of Lee Harvey Oswald in assassinating JFK is this review of a new book by the author Stephen King who revisits 1963 and tries to understand why LHO did it.

Over the decades conspiracists have created so many myths over the facts and falsified the evidence that many genuine enquirers remain convinced that there is something "more"" to the assassination. But even the most mundane domestic-dispute murder is seldom is fully explained in court and in countless of other cases circumstantial evidence has led to convictions. With Lee Harvey Oswald the evidence was more than just theoretical but hard to dispute forensic science.

In his latest book, "11/22/63", Stephen King weaves time travel into a fictional narrative about the Kennedy assassination and joins joins the late Norman Mailer, who arrived at similar conclusions in his 1995 historical novel "Oswald's Tale".

The belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a plot has been persistent but Oswald was not a pawn of the Mafia, the CIA, pro-Castro Cubans, anti-Castro Cubans, the KGB, or any combination. There is no evidence whatever of that.  Oswald's motives were personal. The evidence points to the conclusion that Oswald killed JFK because of deep rooted personality issues. In Russia  Oswald attempted suicide . Oswald acted alone on the alleged assassin's loyalty "to himself and his own ideas," coupled with his delusional sense that he had the "makings of a great leader." according to Norman Mailer. Oswald was a violent man in a failed marriage and his main fault with capitalism was that it wasn't working in his favor. Kennedy in LHO own view of himself  was everything he was not. Oswald, the autodidact, felt that he was smarter than his fellow Marines, co-workers, and bosses. He had a domineering mother, and a more successful big brother, often a volatile combination. In the workplace, he was antisocial and surly. Oswald tired of his wife asking why he couldn't earn enough income for them to afford better housing for their growing family and the modern household appliances the other dinner party guests considered standard.

LHO was man who taught himself Russian, but never learned to drive an car. He got Marina to take a backyard picture of him holding what became the Kennedy murder weapon. He discarded  the rifle and left his palm and fingerprints on it. The same weapon was linked to the attempted murder of extreme right-wing Major General Edwin Walker in Dallas the previous April -- a crime local police had no leads on until the day the president was killed and they came into posession of the Mannlicher-Carcano. Marina Oswald testified on one occasion she had to lock Lee in a closet to prevent him from going into town to kill  Richard Nixon, then a presidential candidate. His get-away smacked of someone who had never really considered the possibility of actually getting away with the shooting, by using unpredictable city buses and taxicabs. And after the assassination, if Oswald was an innocent pawn, as some claim, his killing of patrolman Tippit in front of several witnesses makes little sense.

Oswald was full of hatred and an inflated sence of self-worth. Motive enough to kill. 

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