Friday, July 20, 2012

beyond just hope

Our world broken down world should not be revived as many well-meaning radicals propose with various reforms and palliatives. It should be terminated for good, euthansia. It means we have to create a new system, and in that monumental task, granted, the odds are against us. But what we need is not naïve hope but whatever it is that lies beyond naiveté, beyond hope.  We have to believe in something more than hope. We're not talking about heaven and Pie in the Sky. We shouldn’t distract ourselves by looking to somewhere or something that we pray to. It's also not about the science fiction or living in domed cities or blasting off to another planet or even inventiing ourselves out of our problems. So, lets not pay any attention to the claims of the religious fundamentalists and the prophets of technology. Socialists are materialists which means dealing with the what is and not the what if. Avoiding reality by praying for deliverance by the hand of God or waiting for deliverance through the wizardry of gadgets are weak and lazy, because they spin fanciful stories about how we can magically avoid a reckoning.

Averting a planetary-scale destruction demands global cooperation, becoming more efficient in using energy, increasing the efficiency of existing means of food production and distribution, and enhancing efforts to manage our biodiversity and ecosystem systems. Humanity has not done anything really important to stave off the worst because the social structures for doing something just aren’t there. We all have to summon the political will to radically change the way we live. If we can do that, we might have a chance to avert disaster.  A socialist's task is to tell it as it, is as much as one can bear, and then all the rest, whether we can bear it or not. To proclain hard-to-hear truths.

The economic system assumes you care only about yourself yet we become fully human only through embracing our humanity when care for each other and care for the larger living world. Our chance of saving ourselves depends on enough people willing to act. We must throw everything into the endeavor to remake the world into what we say we want it to be.

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