Sunday, July 22, 2012

Religion, thy name is superstition

An awful lot of people try to impose their false beliefs and certain antiquated social traditions on other people by falsely pretending to be speaking for a god without any good evidence of the existence of any god in the first place and even on the basis of pretending that ancient texts written by men came from that god despite the real world facts which unequivocally demonstrate that these ancient texts teach all manner of false empirical ideas and notions of morality that are primitive and barbaric. Christians who pretend that their ideas are from a god, without any good evidence of even the existence of any such god, and despite extensive evidence that their ideas are false. Christians can't even agree with each other on what it means. There are only several hundred different Christian denominations!

Along with most religious traditions, Christianity is based on all sorts of primitive anthropomorphications. The earth is at the center of the universe, create for man, who is the center (purpose) of creation (man was created first, then woman from man). The Old Testament is so parochial in its portrayal of the Yahweh god, that god is so primitive and barbaric that he choose one particular tribe of humans of a special tribe and commands them to take over a particular geographical territory and slaughter ("slaughter" is the word that is actually used in the Bible) all the children, women, and men who happened to have the misfortune of already living in the towns and village there.

Materialism, or science, on the other hand, comes from the objectification of the real world outside of the emotions and desires and limited perceptions of humans, from the recognition through rational thinking that the world exists completely independently of the human psyche, and that how we feel about reality is utterly irrelevant to determining what the facts of the real world are. Reality is what it is regardless of how we feel about it. The universe is far vaster and more complex than anything comprehended in the primitive cosmogony of the Bible. Man is not the purpose of creation. The earth is not the center of the universe. Even our galaxy is but one of a trillion observable galaxies in the universe, and those are merely the ones we are able to observe.

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