Monday, November 19, 2012


The death of Savita Halappanvar, an Indian dentist in Ireland, due to refusal of abortion by doctors in Dublin has outraged every human being who loves life. Irish laws prohibit abortion though a 1992 court ruling suggested that it could be permitted if there is ‘real and substantive’ risk to the life of mother. However, it fell on the deaf years as doctors failed to respond to her deteriorating condition which resulted in her untimely death.  It was not possible to fly her to England where abortion is not illegal at the eleventh hour, as her condition was extremely critical.

It is ironical that a pro-lifers do not want to talk about the rights of the mothers to have good health and the right to life.

Civilised society allows people their right to choose their life. They also offer medical option to men and women to decide about their body. Abortion is a right of a woman to protect her life and they would only use it in dire circumstances. Nobody would opt for an abortion in happy state of mind. It is her body and she has a right to secure herself first. There are circumstances when people are forced to do so.

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