Thursday, November 22, 2012


"Something must be done about Libya ,”…Something must be done about Syria,”…..”Something must be done about Iran." ...”Something must be done..." And so it goes on.

One can watch the latest Israeli assault on Gaza and be overwhelmed with the enormity of the destruction, the loss of human life (one-third of whom are children), and the indiscriminate and disproportionate use of military force by an occupying state against one million and seven hundred thousand people (mostly refugees) living under a near siege for several years. One can watch the latest assault and marvel at the resistance and rsilience the power of human will. Of a steadfast population that is determined to return to their usurped lands. More importantly, one can be reassured because the people in Gaza are ahead of their leaders  (Abbas is paid handsomely for his role: he makes one million dollars a month, has personal Jordanian accounts of more than $500 million of Palestinian tax payer money in addition to more perks for himself and his family).Their resistance is inflicting real damage on their enemy. The resistance imposed heavy economic and financial costs on Israel.

Despite the skewed balance of power in Israel’s favor it cannot win.

But something is being done to the children.  Most of the children in Palestine now are traumatized

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