Thursday, December 13, 2012

The religion of economics

Religion has been around for a long time.  The traditional answer is that humans evolved religion as a means of coping with death of loved ones, which is true, as religion preys strongly on personal crisis in helping cope with the deaths of loved ones by promising that they will see their loved ones again. Another reason often put forward is for a means of explaining the world around us as being created by an all powerful deity, because it was only until quite recently that we have had any real clue as to the nature of the forces at work around us that have crafted our environment and state of existence. As humans discovered agriculture and started to settled down, populations tended to grow far beyond the small hunter gatherer groups. Human societies started to independently evolve religious ideas as a means of controlling the behaviour of members of society of how people should behave which were  said to be laid down by an all knowing and powerful deity, the creator, rules such as thou shall not kill, steal, and one man one wife, and of course to pay homage to the creator/s and follow the teachings and instructions of the deities prophets and priests, that were to be repeatedly recited and ingrained in all members of society.

All religion's seek to exert total control over every member of society as it was/is believed that all events that happen are as a consequence of the pleasure or displeasure of the Gods such as natural disasters in which respect societies even went so far as to sacrifice fellow humans to please their gods, and sacrifice remains at the fundamental core of all religions i.e. that humans sacrifice independant free will in this life for freedom in the next life, and to a achieve entry into the afterlife humans need to obey the will of the Gods as set down by those that purport to represent the deities such as kings and queens and priests under the fear of what would happen to them if they did now obey the will of the Gods as their representatives on earth. Complete religious control even upto the point of self sacrifice (martyrdom). Over time this control of the masses has continued to develop and intensify the hold on the general population's actions, making it far easier for the elite to control every aspect of life.

In today's society we are manipulated from cradle to grave by the state to serve the interests of the elite, we are educated to be docile citizens that will go on and work for the elite, to perform all of the duties that the elite request of us for pieces of paper and metal tokens. We are forced to toil for a third of our working life.  The compliance of the masses by means of money paid by the elite who own the means of production.

We are constantly being bombarded with propaganda to be good citizens or face the dire consequences, because our every action is being watched and monitored 24/7 by technology from millions of CCTV cameras, internet browsing logs, phone conversation, mobile phone networks, GPS positioning, financial card transactions, and in your every interaction with the state's apparatus and private corporations that is logged and which the state has constant access to determine whether our behaviour is subversive or not.

Economics is a form of religion, a means for controlling the masses.

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