Monday, October 28, 2013

The Union Label

The old idea well worth returning to combat sweatshop conditions we buy our clothes. It is 2013 and yet slavery conditions still flourishes. The garment industry has been plagued by an “image problem” for a long time, and it’s gotten worse in recent years. The actual working people, as a class, are largely invisible except as fatality statistics in the tragic fires and building collapses.

The union label  is a label, mark or emblem sewn or pressed onto a garment which advertises that the employees who make a product are represented by the labor union or group of unions whose label appears, in order to attract customers who prefer to buy union-made products. It protects against anti- or non-union shops that might otherwise profess union working conditions.

These days it’s harder for unions to stamp their work, but it’s not impossible.

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