Friday, February 07, 2014

The Fake Benevolent Big Pharma

 Pharmaceutical companies have over taken banking and defence contracting (that’s saying something) for committing the most grievous acts of fraud and theft, getting slapped with the biggest amount of fines totalling 6.6 billion for any industry in 2012. Which in some way is small change in the price of doing business, seeing as the industry in the USA does $325 billion annually turn over in sales.

These corporations are legally bound to maximise profit, not improve the health and well-being of the public .It has been shown time and time again, how these corporations are willing to lie, cover up, delay, litigate, bribe and do whatever they can within, around and outside of the law, to ensure profits keep coming.

Court documents released in October 2008 indicated that GlaxoSmithKline “and/or researchers may have suppressed or obscured suicide risk data during clinical trials” of paroxetine, an anti-depressant they own, which increased suicidal tendencies in teenagers. So lets be clear what happened here, GSK suppressed the data, knowing there was greater probability that teenage boys and girls would die directly from that action, which they did. Placing profits over the life of children.

Why would we be surprised that an industry worth billions of dollars ,driven solely by profit ,ends up peddling lies, committing fraud, misleading the public, promulgating misinformation and generally behaved in despicable  kind of way? Name one industry that is worth billions that isn’t covered head to toe in lies and mistruth? As we  now have an medical industrial complex, where vast fortunes and profits are made from testing ,diagnosing, and treating peoples health .That surely the fact “profit” drives this industry, not peoples health  is worthy of some attention and focus? As how  have we have ended up with a billion dollar industry built for our health, that has a vested interest that people are less healthy than more? That treating symptoms, is more profitable than creating cures. How is it medical errors in hospitals is now the third leading cause of death , after cancer and heart disease, isn’t seen as serious red flag?  How is it, that any of these issues aren’t being seen as serious problem?

It is not conspiracy theory to conclude that if a pharmaceutical company developed cheap cure to an illness, that up until then they were making billions in alleviating  symptoms of the same said illness, that they would not release that cure or more practically, they would not put the time, research and money in finding it in the first place. We don’t need a shadowy cabal and global conspiracy for this to happen, we just need to follow the logic of what happens when profit is the sole objective.

As running parallel to global billion dollar industry of treating “health” is this is gradual concentration of ownership across all spectrums of the corporate landscape, as we witness a fusing of global corporate power. That each of these big industries from defence, property, banking, petro chemical, big agriculture, security, pharmaceutical and media all have stakes in each other. These corporations,  hold no national or political allegiance  and are bound by their universal pursuit of profit. So we can see the majority of the media most people consume, from TV news, to newspapers, radio, cinema ect.  is owned by the same interests,  that own banks, pharmaceutical companies, defence contractors, large agriculture etc… Given their shared ownership or mutual drive for profit, do you think we are going to be told and informed  by the mainstream media of anything that’s outside of their broad interest? Therefore the information we are feed, the environments we work in, the food we eat, the good and services we consume ,the structure of political systems, all  end up in service to the enhancement and furthering of  these larger ventures and business interests.

This obsessions and fundamentalism toward growth and profit not only corrupts healthcare outcomes but  most facets of society .The result of this across board focus on profit first ,is a legacy of societal dysfunction that manifests as of crime, job dissatisfaction, unemployment, poverty, illness and stress, debt ect..All these social ills are not by chance, they are created purposely and in the end have very easy solutions .It’s not like we don’t have the resources, capacity and intelligence to fix these things. What prevents us, is those with a high concentration of power and money are unwilling to concede any portion of what they have taken, stolen and acquired.  By replacing profit with peoples “wellbeing” at the centre of all innovation, research and treatment, the health industry becomes in service to citizens rather than the shareholders of large corporate interests.

What  would the world look like without being awash with guns, bombs and so many means of destruction? What would life look like without financial  debt? What would the world be like knowing our planet is being truly stewarded for future generations?   Yet none of this solutions to the world problem are seriously discussed and explored for the simple reason they take money and power from those with all the money and power, it’s really that simple. Unless we address that bigger picture, these issues will never get solved, they will just change in name, and other versions pop up elsewhere and on it goes. Radically fucked up problems warrant, radical solutions, radical questions and for sure, radical answers.

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