Monday, January 19, 2015

Groucho Marx Condemns Wage Slavery

Bellhop: "We want to see you, Mr. Hammer."
Groucho: "What's the matter boys, somebody pay their bill?"
B: "We want our money."
G: "You want your money?"
B: "We wanna get paid."
G: "Oh, you want MY money. Is that fair? Do I want your money? Suppose George Washington's soldiers had asked for money, where would this country be today?"
B: "But they did ask!"
G: "And where's Washington? No my friends, no. Money will never make you happy. And happy will never make you money. That might be a wise crack, but I doubt it."
B: "We want our money."
G: "I'll make you all a promise. If you'll all stick with me and work hard, we'll forget about money. We'll make a regular hotel out of this place.
B: "That's all very well, Mr. Hammer, but we haven't been paid in two weeks, and we want our wages."
G: "Wages? You wanna be wage slaves? Answer me that!"
B: "No..."
G: "Of course not. But what makes wage slaves? Wages. I want you to be free. Remember, there's nothing like Liberty, except Collier's and the Saturday Evening Post. Be free my friends. One for all, and all for me, and me for you, and 3 for 5 and six for a quarter." "Above all, forget about money, don't think of it, just forget about it because you won't get it anyway."
Bellhops: "Hooray!"

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