Thursday, March 12, 2015

All Out on the 13th

A public sector strike in Northern Ireland against impending budget cuts and redundancies will be one of the largest in years, trade unions claim.
Workers in transportation, education, road services, fire and rescue and health services will join a 24-hour walkout on Friday March 13.
The strike has been organized by Unite the Union, UNISON and GMB to protest government spending cuts, which are likely to result in up to 20,000 job losses over the next few years.
Northern Ireland’s economy is more dependent on central government than any other part of the UK, prompting fears over the impact of austerity on the region.
Michael Mulholland, GMB regional organizer, said: “On Friday 13th March in Northern Ireland we will see one of the largest trade union organized protests in many years.”

Union members will attend marches and rallies taking place in nine towns and cities throughout the region, including in Belfast, Derry and Omagh.
Unite regional secretary Jimmy Kelly said in a statement: “Without standing up to this, we can expect another four years of even more punishing austerity budgets.”
The scale of these cuts will decimate our public health, education and transport services, all of which are already pushed to breaking point.

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