Friday, April 10, 2015

UK Hero?

Blair has insisted he is not “super-rich,” despite reports that he can earn more than nine times the average British annual salary in a single day. Multimillionaire Blair claimed to be “very lucky.”

Blair is guarded about his wealth, which some estimate totals more than £100 million. It is reported the former prime minister charges £250,000 for public speaking appearances – more than nine times the average UK annual salary.

Tony Blair Associates, reportedly earns £7 million a year for advising Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev whose government was accused of human rights abuses after his riot police massacred dozens of striking oil workers taking part in a peaceful protest in Zhanaozen, western Kazakhstan, in December 2011.

Tony Blair Associates has also been linked to a Saudi Arabian oil company founded by the son of Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah. A leaked contract, which emerged last November, showed Blair had been hired by PetroSaudi to help facilitate a deal between the oil firm and Chinese state officials.

Blair and his wife, Cherie, own millions of pounds worth of property in the UK. Top of the list is an £8 million Buckinghamshire mansion and a nearby three-bedroom cottage purchased for Tony Blair’s sister, Sarah. Tony and Cherie Blair reportedly purchased London homes for their children Nicky, Euan and Kathryn, valued at £1.35 million, £3.62 million and £1.2 million, respectively. The couple also own an £8 million Grade II-listed Georgian townhouse in West London, which they bought in 2004.

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