Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Post Office woes at it goes

 Workers are decrying the demise of "one of the great inventions of our social history," after the British government announced on Monday that it was completing the privatization of the UK's state-run mail service by selling off its final 14 percent stake.

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) issued a statementsaying the privatization underscores the Tory party's commitment to austerity "ideology" over the interests of the British people.
"This fire sale nails the lie that the Tories stand up for the interests of ordinary people," said CWU general secretary Dave Ward. "By their actions today they have made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in privatization dogma and making the rich richer—even when their actions place public services at risk."

Sadly throughout my time as a postal worker, the union failed to offer an alternative to all the various versions of state-ownership that Royal Mail had experienced. No thought was ever given to one of its earliest postions that it should be follow the proposals of GDH Cole to create a Guild Socialist model of organization. 

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