Monday, January 11, 2016

co-own your team?

Football fans should get a bigger say in the day-to-day running of clubs, according to Scotland's sports minister, Jamie Hepburn. In a speech at Hampden, Hepburn said fan involvement and, in some cases, ownership "does work". He said: "I firmly believe there is a powerful and persuasive case for supporter involvement and - where appropriate - ownership of their clubs.
"It is commonplace in the Bundesliga (German league) so often held up as an example of best practice on and off the field. And supporter involvement and ownership is gaining momentum here in Scotland too. Hearts and Motherwell are pursuing high-profile fan ownership models, while other clubs like Clyde, Dunfermline and Stirling Albion have led the way. So fan involvement and ownership can - and does - work."

The Scottish Football Supporters Association which has a membership of around 46,000 people, has produced a manifesto based in part on the responses, setting out how to "renew, reform and reclaim" football for fans and communities and called for a national conversation on "sweeping changes". 

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