Monday, October 03, 2016


Imagine a world without money? No food, no houses, no markets, no job, no medication for people who are sick. There will be no survival unless people will start becoming cannibals or start eating raw animal meat but then people become sick because there might be a disease and can’t be cured because there’s no medicine. There will be no schools then no education that means there won’t be doctors, lawyers, vets or builders and that means no money to survive. We can’t make homes or make food. People will have a very short life. If the humans are lucky they will find water which they can only live on for 1 week then they will be dead. The only two living things on this earth will be animals and plants because animals and plants live on water and animals can eat their own kind. On the other hand if there is no money issues there will be no crime, no destruction but people won’t know what the meaning of trust, honesty and love is. Humans will have to start discovering things like they did 5000 years ago and work towards how it is today. They will learn how to reproduce and the generations will grow. People will learn how to make fires and cook their food. The people will start making homes and have an education and become somebody, they will start making money. They will be able to make medicine to cure the unhealthy. People will have long healthy lives although most plants will be cut down and most animals will be extinct. The people will build factories, motorize vehicles and that will mean pollution. Wars and battles will start. Weapons will be made. Killing machines will be invented. People will be getting greedy because of money. Evil will prevail money is the root of all evil. Humans will fight for as much money. Why do we have lotteries? So they can lots of money when they already have lots of money. Example the Apple company. Haven’t they already sold lots of i-phones, i-pods and i-pads and got lots of money but they still continue to sell lots of products. Why do they sell their products because they want more money. Money has taken over. Some humans have chosen money over love.  Now there is some humans that don’t have money because of those humans that are to greedy to come them some then those humans who don’t have money of food will become thieves and then the crime rate will go higher. What I have wrote is that there are two sides which is having money and having no money. Some of it is good but most of it is bad. We all know that we need money to survive , buy food and keep healthy but money is mostly the root of evil. The trade exchange between countries cannot happen without money. This will cause a downfall of the economy of the country. Money is not all but you need it enough to survive.

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