Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is this Sheridan's Solidarity ????

My ex-Fellow Workers in the Industrial Workers of the World have put out an appeal for real workers' solidarity against the new Scottish political party "Solidarity Scottish so-called Socialist Movement" , led by Tommy Sheridan .
Having taken the cream- puff against the Scottish Socialist Party and formed his ego-party, Solidarity , Tommy no longer wishes to fund those full time workers he previously helped to employ . Parliamentary workers , some of whom are Wobblies , now face a cash and wages crisis which may lead to redundancies or pay-cuts .

All can be read here

"The IWW has made it clear that it takes no interest in the political differences between the MSP's : but is demanding that it should not be resolved at the expense of the workers collectively employed "

But the solution is not to punish the employees , effectively for their individual political beliefs , but to make them carry out their day-to-day staff duties for the new Solidarity SSM , in addition to the SSP .

In the past , there was a previous dispute involving the IWW members of the Scottish Parliament when SSP MSPs were suspended for what was deemed unparliamentary behaviour and forfeited staff allowances . The IWW laid the blame , not on who hired and fired i.e. their SSP employers who created the situation and endeavoured to pass on the penalty for defying the rules to their staff , but on the Scottish Parliament and the relevant committee .

For all the respect i have for the IWW , this latest dispute once again shows the difficulty in having IWW members working in full time paid positions for a political party that they themselves are faithful party members of .
A conflict of loyalty was inevitable at some time or other over some aspect of employment .

It appears (in these cases ) that the IWW has perhaps forgotten its rallying cry - The employers and the workers have no interests in common .

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