Monday, October 08, 2018

LHO Did It

according to a new analysis of video footage of the shooting, the results support the official autopsy findings: JFK suffered a gunshot wound caused by the same type of rifle as that owned by Lee Harvey Oswald, fired from the vicinity of the Texas School Book Depository building located behind the motorcade.

Dr. Nicholas Nalli, the author of the study and Senior Research Scientist at IMSG, Inc.  noted that observers had missed one vital part of the evidence: the forward head snap at the moment of the fatal bullet impact. When analyzed using fundamental classical mechanics, the forward head snap, which is visible in the Zapruder film, provides proof that JFK was shot in the head from behind.

He developed a simple one-dimensional gunshot wound dynamics model to explain the movements observed in the film. The model makes explicit calculations of the forward head snap that occurred before JFK’s head moved back and to the left after the gunshot. To do this, the model uses known parameters from the crime scene, including bullet mass, speed, and diameter, camera shutter frequency, and autopsy measurements. This is the first time this aspect of the case has been considered so thoroughly and quantitatively.
The calculations show quantitatively that JFK’s reactions after being shot in the head, as seen in the film, are physically consistent with a gunshot wound caused by a high-energy Carcano military rifle (the evidence rifle owned by Lee Harvey Oswald) fired from the vicinity of the Texas School Book Depository building (where Mr. Oswald worked) located behind the motorcade.