Monday, November 13, 2006

Martin Luther King

What other way is there to diffuse and emasculate a man's subversive and revolutionary beliefs than to integrate and co-opt him into the System . First, we pretend to pay homage with a national public holiday . Then we honour him with grandiose monuments .
Construction of a $100 million monument to be built on a four-acre site near the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall began .
Backers have raised more than $65 million, according to The Associated Press. Most of the funding has come from corporate donors including Tommy Hilfiger and General Motors.
Yes , the corporations who are , oh , so , sympathetic to the suffering of the working class are remembering Martin Luther King .

And what of his now new doting admirers who are lavishing praise on Martin Luther King ?

President GW Bush - "Honoring Dr. King's legacy requires more than building a monument. It requires the ongoing commitment of every American. So we will continue to work for the day when the dignity and humanity of every person is respected and the American promise is denied to no one ...By its presence in this place, it will unite the men who declared the promise of America and defended the promise of America with the man who redeemed the promise of America. "

Uh-huh George , as if Martin Luther King would be standing alongside as you and your administration legislate welfare cuts and exclude the migrant population and deny civil rights and conduct international wars .
Martin Luther King had the dream - But you are the nightmare .


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ajohnstone said...

Stone and granite edifices never really impress me , but a living monument , perhaps ...$100 million to finance scholarships , or provide a medical center for the poor . Something that produces real flesh and blood benefits

Anonymous said...

i agree statues are part of excess. noone really gives a shit his ideas.