Monday, November 20, 2006

We Are Everywhere

Jeff Monson , the anarchist and Wobbly professional championship wrestler, talks about his hopes for a money-less society .

More members of the Industrial Workers of the World like Jeff on the picket lines and the boss class and their police thugs would indeed quake .

Revolution - Ready to Rumble !!


John said...

Nice to know there are big guys like this on our side of the barricade!

Darren said...

He lost his latest fight on Saturday. Reformist!!!

Londonsocialist said...

At one point he refers to Bush and someone who seems to be called "Carey". Is this Kerry, ie is he speaking a couple of years ago before the last presidential election?

ajohnstone said...

Would appear to have been recorded shortly after the election hence the opening jibe about voting for Bush. At Inveresk St Ingrate , there was a short debate on whether the free trade mention was Proudhon inspired