Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's all over now

Strike update as promised in the previous post . It is over .

Sunday morning saw the continuation of the strike in support of 5 night-shift ware-house workers who management were endeavouring to discipline for allegededly working -to-rule , i.e. following loading and bag handling guidelines . Management had called forward meetings with union officials and after a few hours , the men were briefed on the progress of the discussions .

Basically , a Mexican stand-off .

Royal Mail were not going to lift the threat of disciplinary action until unofficial industrial action had stopped .

So it was now a matter of pragmatism for the CWU to find a solution that would avoid a long , painful drawn out dispute . A formula was reached which re-assured those directed threatened by discipline that they would receive a fair hearing and the agreement safeguarded all those involved in the unofficial walk-out .

Was it all worth it ? Was it worth the loss of wages ?

Of course .

A warning to Royal Mail that they cannot use managerial intimidation to browbeat its employees into agreeing improper work procedures and a gratifying display of solidarity for fellow workers after a very lengthy campaign of vilification at team-briefs by Post Office supervisors to isolate targetted work areas .

It was an example of shop-floor industrial action that hopes to maximise the impact and minimalise the cost when it comes to fighting the bosses .

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