Saturday, May 05, 2007

Edinburgh Mayday 2007

Edinburgh and Glasgow members attending Edinburgh's Mayday march .

Alongside the Industrial Workers of the World .


Darren said...

Mmm, second photo in close up.

Looks like Dek from the IWW stall is doing a Tony Blair impersonation.

Will said...

I take it that Dek is the one giving the traditional Mayday salute of two fingers?

Very stylish carrier bags in pic No. 1 as well. ;)

Darren said...

my memory may be failing me, but I'm sure Dek is a Geordie and a member of the Anarchist Federation.

A two-in-one "lumpen".

prolerat said...

I'll settle for being a class warrior as opposed to a style one.I thought the IWW set up beside us.They were selling a nice line in coffee.I take it this is a firm offer to backpack for us next year frae Will.I like the way we air brushed SWP oot the big picture.

Will said...

I was at the Mayday gig in Glasgow today. I'm pretty sure I gave Dek a leaflet! he was carrying the same banner as in the picture - that's how I spotted.

ajohnstone said...

Went through to Glasgow myself and each time we got the lit table set up , a downpour started . God is definitely NOT a socialist .
Nor were the Trades Council organisers particularly helpful when we asked if we could put up the stall inside the venue .A firm refusal to do a favour .
A miserable day out , as it has been for the past few years , in contrast to sunny Edinburgh ;-)

Darren said...

" I'm pretty sure I gave Dek a leaflet!"

What was the leaflet?

Will said...

I'll send you it.

To do with campaign around this site:

Darren said...

Got it.

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