Friday, May 25, 2007

From far-out to far-reaching

The hippie generation's influence on mainstream culture runs deeper than the lyrics of a Grateful Dead song.

A new poll reveals that hippies have had a profound effect on the British way of life. Today the movement has moulded mainstream society's views on everything from war, government, sex, fashion, food and alternative therapy to the environment .

46%, agree with the hippie rallying cry "Make Love Not War''

49% are opposed to nuclear weapons

35%, think there is never any excuse for war

48% of British people also now believe in questioning authority

47% think there are too many rules

30%, disagree with party politics

82% of Britons saying they believe in Environmentalism and the need to save the planet

47%, said they would consider trying to produce all their own food

26% said they would build their home from recycled materials

43% would live solely with alternative energy sources

75% now hold no objections to sex before marriage

35%, said they had smoked marijuana

8% said they had taken LSD

43% said they were open-minded about meditation

25% believe in astrology

In the words of the The Dead - " What a long strange trip it has been "

1 comment:

Duncan Money said...

A nice set of statistics there, apart from the depressing one about astrology.

Now let's take a look at the government's legislative agenda to see how well our political system, democracy apparently, reflects the opinion of people in this country. Or not.