Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who are the real mail wreckers ?

Royal Mail threaten to throw dummy out of pram . See Here .

Also note the unqualified claim that unions demand 27% pay rise


Anonymous said...

Aa a postman I can tell you we are not demanding at 27% pay rise. Rather the aspiration is for a 27% pay rise over 5 years.

Also the headline figure of a 2.5% pay rise is misleading with the strings which Royal Mail are attaching it amounts to a pay cut of £42 per week.

ajohnstone said...

Indeed you are right , i was indicating that it is the press and the royal mail who are claiming we are demanding the 27% rise without elaborating on the full details

See previous post


Anonymous said...

Oops sorry didn't read it correctly. Blame it on being underworked and having too much time on my hands. Nice blog by the way.