Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thought for Today

From the Guardian Comment

"...Why do they continue using after losing their home, family, job, and even their limbs? ... my experience of life when not on drink or drugs got progressively worse. The world became an increasingly hostile place, relationships got more difficult and an all-encompassing sense of dread and paranoia set in..."

Such is the world we live in .


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Anonymous said...

from Madness and Capitalism:

The carefully constructed infrastructure of social control, built over the centuries is finally ..and ironically unravelling under the impact of capitalism itself. But perhaps where this manifests the most is in our interior world, the mind, the place of last refuge for most of us given just how awful reality is and our inability to exert any kind of control over the actions of the state.....

....Thus we increasingly retreat into our private worlds...

...Much has been made of late of our mental states under capitalism, although of course without the connection to capitalism itself. With rising levels of mental dis-orders, drug taking, ‘irrational’ violence, social breakdown and ‘unhappiness’, in short increasing alienation and dis-connection....

....before embarking on the perilous journey of dismantling capitalism, it is first necessary for us to rid ourselves of the terrible weight which we carry around in our heads, itself an act requiring revolutionary courage.

(so let's try sort ourselves out, then get together and sort the world out; or we can do both concurrent, sometimes 'the personal is political)lol